The only API for every TLD.


Domainr is the only ICANN-accredited domain status API provider.

With direct, privileged access to domain registry data, the Domainr API instantly checks if a domain is available—with no false positives. In milliseconds, your customers will know if a domain is available, premium-priced, or for sale in any major aftermarket.

If you’re a security provider or manage a software supply chain, the Domainr API can help you monitor critical domains, alert you to any changes to their status, and uncover at-risk domains before they change hands.

Instant Search and Suggestion

Instant, per-keystroke search turns every search into a conversation. With intelligent context-aware suggestion, Domainr surfaces relevant top-level domains, helping your customers find the perfect name—even if the .com is taken.

With ultra-fast brainstorming built-in, your customers will think it’s magic. Close more accounts and help your customers find the perfect name for their new app, website, or business.

Enterprise Grade

Domainr is part of Fastly, powered by its industry-leading edge cloud platform.

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Lightweight and powerful, the Domainr API is highly customizable. Filter by extension, registrar, location, or language, with full IDNA and Unicode support. Supercharge your existing domain search or drop-in our our easy-to-use tag with little to no code.

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