Domainr API


The Domainr API lets you programmatically retrieve instant domain search results and availability status.

The API has three methods: search, status, and register, each of which responds to HTTP 1.1 or HTTP/2 GET requests. The API server will respond identically on port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 (HTTPS).

Try For Free

Try the Domainr API for free at RapidAPI. For high-volume, commercial usage, contact sales.


  • (high-volume, commercial use)
  • (free or non-commercial use)


The Domainr API requires authentication for all requests. RapidAPI (formerly Mashape) users will use your RapidAPI API key and the mashape-key query parameter to authenticate:${your_rapidapi_key}&

Commercial or high-volume customers using our direct API should authenticate with the client_id parameter:${client_id}&


  • /v2/search responds with domain search results, for a given query
  • /v2/status responds with domain status (availability) for a given domain
  • /v2/register responds with an HTTP redirect to a supporting registrar

API arguments should be URL-encoded UTF-8 strings in the query string.

API responses are in JSON (application/json). On success or failure, the server will respond with an appropriate HTTP response code (2xx, 4xx, 5xx).

Note: API methods are versioned; the current version is v2.





    "results": [
            "domain": "",
            "host": "",
            "subdomain": "acme.",
            "zone": "cafe",
            "path": "",
            "registerURL": ""





    "status": [
            "domain": "",
            "zone": "shop",
            "status": "undelegated inactive",
            "summary": "inactive"

News and Updates

Join the domainr-api announcement list for infrequent updates.

Usage Guidelines

The Domainr API lets you integrate domain search and availability into your projects. Using the API implies that you will adhere to the following requirements:

  • Don’t DOS or scrape data from our service. We ban abusers without notice. For commercial and/or high-volume use, get in touch.
  • Don’t use a client_id or RapidAPI keys from sites that aren’t yours.
  • Don’t front-run or anything similarly lame.
  • Don’t use undocumented API methods, as they are neither designed nor supported for third-party developer usage.
  • Do use the Register API to register any domain names you—or your app’s users—find via the Search API. Commissions from these registrations allow us to keep Domainr and the API freely available.

We’d love it if you give Domainr a shoutout in your site or app, such as “Powered by Domainr.” And if you build something with the Domainr API, let us know!