The Domainr API requires authentication for all requests.


For RapidAPI users:

  1. Subscribe to the Domainr API on this page; a credit card is required.
  2. From the Endpoints page, use the X-RapidAPI-Key value as the ?mashape-key={string} query parameter value in your Domainr API requests. Further documentation regarding RapidAPI keys is here.

Note: To keep your API key secret, you can proxy your Domainr API requests through a server you control.



High-volume commercial users will append a client_id parameter to authenticate—contact us for details.


Cross-Domain and JSONP

The Domainr API supports CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) for cross-domain API access from the browser. API clients must whitelist their origin hosts prior to accessing the API. For example:

Note: localhost (and equivalent IP addresses) are automatically whitelisted.

Email us if you need to update your list of origin hosts.

To query the Domainr API from a browser that does not support CORS, you can request a JSONP response by including the callback parameter with the name of a JavaScript function to call in any API URL.

Note: all JSON requests will respond with a 200 OK status to ensure the browser evaluates the response.


In the event of an authentication error, the response will be an HTTP 401 code, and will include a message key describing the error.

    "message": "unauthorized: invalid client ID: ..."