Find your perfect name.

Brainstorming Built-In

Build brainstorming directly into your product with the Domainr API. So fast, your customers will think it’s magic.

Real-Time Availability

Instantly check if a domain is available—with no false positives. Domainr is ICANN-accredited, and checks domain registries directly in real-time. Your customers will know in milliseconds if domains are available, premium-priced, or for sale in the aftermarket.

Instant Search and Suggestion

Avoid the frustration of a failed search or a taken domain. Instant, per-keystroke search turns the usual dead-ends of searching for domains into a conversation. With intelligent context-aware suggestion, Domainr surfaces relevant top-level domains, helping your customers find the perfect name—even if the .com is taken.

Get Your API Key

Lightweight and powerful, the Domainr API is highly customizable. Use as a drop-in replacement or supercharge your existing domain search system.

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