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Boil the water in your gooseneck variable temperature kettle. Get it up to 212˚ — by the time you start brewing it will have cooled to the optimal ~206˚. Put the filter in the Chemex and rinse it out with some of the water. Swirl the water in the Chemex to heat the carafe. Empty the water into a pair of mugs to start warming them. 53 grams of coarsely ground beans. Wet all the grounds with 100 grams of water and wait 30 seconds. This is called the bloom. Add up to 400 grams of water in a circular motion. Wait until 80% of it has drained through the filter before adding the final 320 grams, ending with 720 grams of water in total. Pull the grounds at 4:10 when the timer sounds. Empty the heated mugs and pour your two perfect cups of coffee. Enjoy your morning.

Coffee is a labor of love; show it with your new .coffee domain.

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